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Divorce can be one of the most stressful events in life. As a result, you want to make sure that you select the right attorney to guide you through this sensitive and complex area of the law. Board Certified Specialist Shannan Barclay Tuorto provides expert counsel while also offering high-quality, personalized representation.

Tuorto Family Law is a full-service Asheville family law firm serving the divorce and separation needs of all western North Carolinians. Shannan Barclay Tuorto is a Divorce Attorney in Asheville NC, a Board Certified Specialist in Family Law, and a Certified Family Financial Mediator. She and her staff focus solely on issues related to separation and divorce. We help individuals who find themselves in complicated family law situations obtain the best possible outcomes.

Asheville Divorce Lawyer Shannan Barclay Tuorto listens to her clients and uses her knowledge and experience to build personalized strategies that will protect what you value most. At our firm, we understand the complex, emotional experience of divorce and provide seasoned counsel and guidance through every stage of your case. Whether you need a skilled negotiator or capable litigator, we are here to help our clients achieve their personal goals and a positive resolution.



“Shannan Tuorto and her team were extremely supportive and extremely helpful throughout the legal process. I can’t recommend Tuorto Family Law highly enough! They are a pleasure to work with even during very trying times!”

– Terry


“Shannan (Mrs. Tuorto) helped us through a very difficult custody case. The case was conducted in three separate states. Court was heard in Asheville, NC., I live in Georgia, and my ex-wife is in Oklahoma. Shannan and her team provided very personal assistance and excellent legal advice, coordinating and guiding me through my custody battle. I can only thank her and her team. I regard Shannan with the highest esteem and gratitude.”

– Donald


“I found Shannan and her staff to not only be knowledgeable about the law, but emotionally supportive as well. From the moment we talked, I felt a confidence that far exceeded my expectations. Shannan listened, gave me her best advice, and then when I made the decision as to how I wished to proceed, she and her staff jumped into action. I never had to prompt them or worry that they would let something fall through the cracks.

Moreover, I knew that if we had to go to court, Shannan had my back there too; but thankfully, court was unnecessary. I had such an ironclad plan when I confronted my spouse for separation/divorce, he had no choice but to accept my offer. Because of the information I received, he knew was defeated. Dare I say, it was almost “easy.”

I don’t mean to suggest that every situation would work out the same. Each person’s story is different. I can say with 100% assurance, however, that Tuorto Family Law is, gavel down, the best family law office in the area. Shannan, Lisa, and Tracey will be sure that you receive the most professional service and expert advice. Armed with that? You will have the best experience possible. For me, this office was well worth every penny for the peace of mind I got in exchange. I am now living the life I deserve and am so incredibly happy. I will forever be grateful to this law office for the part they played in getting me here.”

– M.


“Shannan is a rock star! She knows the law and is a great client advocate. I hope I won’t ever need a lawyer again, but if I do, I will call her immediately. Thank you Shannan.”

– Staci


“I can not recommend Shannan and her team enough! They all made this experience as smoothe as possible. Very fast response time to questions, reasonable fees, and an overall sense of caring and understanding. Excellent experience!”

– Erin


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